Suggestions for Events

Here are some ideas for different types of events if you are looking for some inspiration! All of these events have been run very successfully during past National Pet Weeks. It doesn’t matter how big or small your event is. Choose one that fits in with the amount of time, energy and resources you are able to dedicate to it.

However, make sure that you are promoting at least one of the aims of National Pet Week.

Choose from:

  • Dog/Cat Show
  • Pet Show
  • Bird Show
  • Horse Event (with or without dog agility demonstrations)
  • Educational event – providing advice to pet owners. Think about involving local vets, RSPCA, police dog training specialists, or dog wardens.
  • Pet display in local library/bookstore.
  • Charity walks/Dogathons
  • Bazaars
  • Jumble Sales
  • Dances/Discos
  • Church services for pets
  • Car Boot Sales
  • Schools Competitions
  • Sponsored Swims
  • Pet exhibitions in local museums
  • Stage Productions
  • Participation in established shows – if there is an established pet event going on in your area during National Pet Week, you could get involved, perhaps running a stall, or a mini-pet show.
  • Open Days/Evenings – Recovery Kennels, catteries and veterinary practices can invite the public to visit, offering information about services or talks about pets, animal first aid, etc.
  • All events can be run by one or a group of organisations. Events can either be charity fund-raising or proceeds can be used to cover costs (don’t forget National Pet Week!) Pet shows can be judged with prizes or purely educational giving the public the chance to learn about pets.

PLEASE NOTE: Animal Shows may need the approval of the relevant governing body, i.e. Dog Shows should be run under Kennel Club rules.